Data Recovery Pro
Data Recovery Pro
Recover your important files, emails, personal information and data with Data Recovery Pro. The newly released registry cleaner has more features than before and it thoroughly scours the hard drive to restore what’s important to you.
$49.97 USD
Data Recovery Pro – Software Features
So much or our business and personal lives become tied to the Internet, email, web browsing and other important computer tasks. However, one misplaced click and that important email message is gone forever. Data Recovery Pro is a program designed to recover lost files and deleted emails, so you have peace of mind knowing you can recover what was initially lost.
Recovery features
The program securely scans your PC for deleted emails, locates them and restores the emails back to where you can access the content. Data Recovery Pro also has the ability to restore the entire email, including attachments, so you don’t have to worry about only getting bits and pieces. Its powerful tools can also bring back partial files caused by bad sectors on your hard drives. Data Recovery Pro handles more than just email messages, as it can also restore missing files from your storage devices, like your iPod Nano, iPod shuffle and iPod Classic. With the ability to scan newly formatted or partitioned drives and recover files from these areas, its powerful filtering technology lets your quickly search for and find missing text using only one phrase or keyword.
The program’s user-friendly interface expertly guides you through the process of locating and recovering files, so you don’t have a hassle. You also have the option of previewing most files before recovering them, so you know. A “sortable” list of recoverable files lets you quickly find what you are seeking as well.
One of the strengths of Data Recovery Pro is the built-in powerful scanning engines. The engines could easily stand alone as separate applications as the interface is clean, intuitive and loads quickly.
Search and Recovery
Data Recovery Pro excels at recovering data. The Quick Scan feature allows you to recover many different file types and the Full, Guided, Advanced and Email scans all allow for total coverage. 

Help and Support
The program includes a FAQ section that helps answer consumer concerns. Data Recovery has hundreds of items detailing how to use the software. If you don’t find your answer here, you can always chat online with an agent or call the phone support line.

Email and File Recovery Features

  • Locates and restores deleted emails, including attachments
  • Restores files from hard-to-reach places like freshly-formatted or partitioned drives
  • Brings back different file types, like encrypted, compressed and recycled
  • Restores missing files from various extraneous storage devices
  • Returns songs from the iPod shuffle, iPod Classic and iPod Nano
  • Saves restored files to the destination you choose
  • Built for Windows PC files
  • Uses only a small amount of system resources without sacrificing recovery performance
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