A Day in the Life of a Computer with a Corrupted Windows Registry

To begin with, the simple process of powering on and booting up is slow for the corrupted computer. The PC’s owner has downloaded many programs overtime, and as a result, the computer has to take a lot of time deciphering all of the information. Many programs install processes that continue to run when the computer is in use. As more and more programs are added to the PC, more processes start at boot, making the whole boot up time lag. With a recommended registry cleaner from registrycleaners.com, you get to select which programs will be allowed to run and which will be removed.

After the initial boot, it is hard for the computer to respond to the key commands and clicks of the user. File associations have been misaligned and the once saved information has been lost. As a result, programs begin to crash, bad application paths are followed, and DLLs are shared. The systems failures open the computer up for malware attacks.

The personal information, such as social security and banking numbers, that have been stored on the damaged PC are now leaked to identity thieves. Pop-ups begin to flood the computer’s operating system as the temporary internet files fill up, and the hard drive is overrun with unnecessary data. Eventually there is a complete system failure, and the owner quickly goes to www.registrycleaners.com to save the life of the computer.

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