DDOS Attacks, Botnet and You

Security will always be an issue and major concern in the world of computing. Although no website or device can ever be completely safe, there are many preventative actions users can take to stop attacks from hackers and from having their machines corrupted by viruses.


Computer problems have a great range—some disrupt the hardware, while others slow down the operating system or even steal personal information. Two major areas of corruption stem from DDOS attacks and Botnet networks.


A distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack is an aggressive method of making your computer completely useless. Basically, a DDOS attack will disrupt services concerning a host connected to the Internet. DDOS attacks are sent by more than one person, while denial of service (DOS) attacks are sent from only one user.


A botnet has the same bad intentions but operates in a different fashion. Malicious software or malware gets inside your machine and turns it into a robot, or a “bot.” Once your computer turns into a zombie, it will perform and run automated tasks online, without your consent or knowledge. Hackers and computer criminals will infiltrate and infect multiple computers so they can set up a network, or a botnet.


Once the botnet is established, the manipulator will use the network to send out spam to different locations, launch viruses, go after computer and server infrastructure, steal identities, commit fraud and partake in other Internet crimes.


You don’t have to be vulnerable, however, as you can protect your PC from bot networks and DDOS attacks with a registry cleaner.

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