Free Registry Cleaners? Think Twice
In the realm of computer software and system optimization programs, ‘free’ is not necessarily a good bargain if you are really interested in improving your computer’s performance. As an example, free registry cleaners such as CCleaner scan the surface of the registry, but these free programs never quite remove the entries from deep within the registry that cause random errors. On the other hand, paid registry cleaners such as ParetoLogic Regcure PC Optimizer offer advanced features for dealing with problematic entries that stem from uninstalled programs and other system-wide junk files.Some free registry cleaners do come with a price that may equate to malware imbedded within the programs, which then cripple the PC during installation and operation. In addition, free software such as Little Registry Cleaner often comes bundled with browser toolbars and miscellaneous ads. A free registry cleaner may also change the browser home page and search engine to its default preference.Unlike free registry cleaners, paid registry software such as PC Tools RegistryMechanic comes with support and guarantees. A paid registry cleaner does not include bundled toolbars and ads, and it never changes the browser settings. Lastly, paid software provides accurate results when scanning the registry, and it removes the invalid registry entries that cause random program errors and system crashes.