How good is Data Recovery Pro? rated Data Recovery Pro very high due to “the ability to search for specific text within a document to locate lost files.”
Data Recovery Pro is probably best known for its recovery features. Whether it be lost files or deleted emails, the program intensely scans deleted information, locates it, and brings it back to functionality. Also, partitioned and newly formatted drives can be scanned as well as storage devices. And within the recovery process, the user is able to choose which files will be restored. It doesn’t matter if the files are compressed, encrypted, or recycled; Data Recovery Pro will find and rejuvenate the lost information that matters to you.
Being user friendly and having a clean interface are other aspects that make Data Recovery Pro an industry leader. FAQs are included with the program and well as extra support options. If anything should be unclear, Data Recovery Pro experts are always standing by waiting to take your call and customers can always chat with a representative live online. A network landing page is also available.
When important information is lost, Data Recovery Pro is the optimal program for finding and restoring it.

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