Learning More About PC Health Advisor

Known in the industry as the “ultimate PC optimization utility,” PC Health Advisor is another registry cleaning program that promises what all the others do: to clean, repair and protect your operating system. But what sets it apart from the rest?

According to Esoftreviews.com, “The PC optimization tools available in PC Health Advisor let you quickly identify and fix issues that slow down your computer—such as running malware processes, windows registry problems, excessive start-up items, outdated device drivers, unnecessary running processes and clogged up hard disk drive.” The extent PC Health Advisor goes to thoroughly scour, examine and then fix the problems that hamper the performance of your PC sets it apart from other registry cleaners.

There are a lot of consumers online that have reviewed and backed the optimizing capabilities of PC Health Advisor, like Alice Parker from Phoenix, Arizona, who said, “This helps me a lot due to the fact that I don’t have the time, knowledge or patience to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within my system etc… The service I received was excellent! No doubt!! I would rate service, product, and user-friendliness a solid 10, on a scale of one to ten. Thank you.”
PC Health Advisor also has file extension support, where if you have any problems opening or dealing with a file, PC Health Advisor can identify the faulty path or file and tell you directly which program you can use to open the file.

By using the four major tools in the full suite of utilities (speed optimizer, junk cleaner, security scan and convenience utilities), you can return your PC to its original performance.

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