PC Health Advisor
PC Health Advisor
PC Health Advisor is the ultimate PC optimization utility, allowing you to fix, clean, repair, and protect your Windows computer for the best performance possible.
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PC Health Advisor – Software Description
The older a computer is, the more things can go wrong with it. The registry, a huge database full of file associations and critical data, can be riddled with errors. Hard drives grow more and more fragmented. Temporary files and caches fill up, making browsers slow down. Processes run and never stop, eating away at the processing power the computer has available.Until recently, fixing these issues required a degree of technical knowledge and a dozen different utilities and tools. PC techs would spend hours solving the issues that plague old computers. PC Health Advisor was designed to conquer this problem. With one software suite, PC Health Advisor offers all of the tools and automatic scans necessary to fix these many issues.
Benefits of PC Health Advisor
Customizable tool selections. While the software comes with a number of tools, you may not want to use all of them all the time. With a customized home screen, you can choose which utilities are easiest to access.Privacy support. PC Health Advisor works with all browsers, including enhance support for Google Chrome. This allows it to remove private information you don’t want left lying around.File extension support. If you come across a file you can’t open, PC Health Advisor will identify it and tell you what program you can use to open it.


Monitors and alerts. PC Health Advisor monitors the overall health of your computer. It will tell you when errors need to be fixed, disks need to be defragmented or any other issues need fixing.


A Full Suite of Utilities
PC Health Advisor has a range of useful utilities that allow you to maintain the health of your computer. Here are some of the tools and how they work for you.Speed Optimizer – This utility scans the registry to fix any errors it finds. It removes bad data, replaces corrupted data and fixes problems it finds. It helps you manage what processes start when your computer boots up, giving you more speed and a shorter boot time. It lets you defragment your hard drive, increasing the speed at which your drive locates data. It then monitors your computer to tell you when these utilities need to be run again.Junk Cleaner – This utility scans your computer for unnecessary data. All web browsers by default have a cache of temporary files relating to your Internet browsing. They also store a large number of cookies for various websites, many of which are useless but never expire. PC Health Advisor clears out all of this useless data, improving the speed of your browser and the space on your hard drive.


Security Scan – This utility scans your computer for malware that may be stealing your processing power or harvesting personal data. If it finds any of these malicious programs, it removes them and protects you against their return.


Convenience Utilities – PC Health Advisor allows you to identify and associate any file extensions you come across without an associated program. It also scans your device drivers, making sure all your software is up to date with the latest versions. It also allows you to schedule scans and defragmentation sessions for times when you’re not actively working, to streamline the process.


In summary, PC Health Advisor is a robust and highly effective utility suite that boosts your computer’s performance and speed with simple scans, tweaks and fixes.

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