Performance Toolkit
Performance Toolkit
Protect your personal information with the Performance Toolkit, which was designed for simple and easy use, powerful performance and the most comprehensive recovery tools. Built for privacy protection and cleaning, Performance Toolkit will make your PC more responsive and much quicker.
$49.99 USD
The Power of Simplicity
It takes too much time and technical knowledge to manually adjust your system settings every time your computer slows down. PC Tools’ Performance Toolkit streamlines your system, increasing its performance by using simple and powerful tools.

  • All necessary tools are available on the clean, user-friendly interface.
  • With one-click optimization buttons, you can easily run performance-boosting tools.
  • The Performance Toolkit will automatically present guided enhancements so you can determine which way you want to optimize your PC.

Performance You Can Trust

Increase your PC speed, remove conflicts, fix errors and boost power—that’s the Performance Toolkit. Your PC start up and shut down times will be faster as well. And a new feature removes programs you never use, freeing up space and resources so your speed can increase.


System Optimization
The powerful “Optimize Your System” feature that allows you to rank your priorities for currently running programs and applications. Within the registry cleaner, you also have the ability to end any functions you don’t want running. Your system specs are available through the “System Information” and “Drives/Space” tabs.
The easy to navigate interface allows you to select features compared to speed. You have options to enable only core services, or core services and a number of other services. You decide what balance of speed and features works best for your PC. And note that no matter what, all changes are completely reversible.
The “Maintain” tab allows you to view the system Health Report for your PC. By performing a comprehensive system analysis, important information is provided for you concerning how your PC handles the registry, disk health and privacy.

Keeps Your Privacy
The Performance Toolkit has the ultimate set of tools to ensure that your privacy is protected. Performance Toolkit keeps your internet browsing private using a process that deletes your browsing history, search history, chat logs, passwords, cookies and more.
When unauthorized users try to view and access your data that won’t be able to, as Performance Toolkit effectively clears and cleans your PC activity history, preventing the viewing of your recently opened and temporary files. Deleted data remains the main way using disk bleaching and digital file shredding is implemented.


Recovery Features
PC Tools Performance Toolkit has the engineering to ensure you keep important files, folders and hard drive data, even information that you thought was lost forever. Recover your PC from crashes and have the ability to analyze and repair the hard drives when needed.
You also can restore lost pictures, music and documents in the event of accidental deletion or hard drive corruption, no matter from where the disruption stemmed.

Additional features

  • PC Tools Performance Toolkit speeds up your PC as it cleans and repairs errors through compacting and cleaning your registry.
  • The Toolkit optimizes and defragments your disk, leading to faster performance.
  • Duplicate files are found and removed to improve performance.
  • Windows gets optimized using the “optimization” presets.
  • Performance Toolkit analyzes and repairs your hard drive.


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