RegCure PC Optimizer

RegCure PC Optimizer
It’s the seek and destroy method, where RegCure PC Optimizer finds, deletes and repairs the issues within your registry that lead to poor performance. Whether it’s from failed or incomplete installations, disabled drivers, malware, or corrupt applications, RegCure is the reliable and quick PC fix.

Anytime you have to deal with a massive database like the Windows Registry, routine cleaning, maintenance and data recovery services are often required. The Registry holds keys, important flags, and crucial information that can be easily corrupted and lost. When registry errors occur, you will immediately begin to feel the frustrating and time-consuming effects of a slow computer. Anything from impeding start up to slower overall operation can be a result of a registry problem. That’s where RegCure PC Optimizer comes in, to completely examine, diagnose and fix the problems within your windows registry. Because RegCure is so effective, it is one of the highest rated and most comprehensive cleaners on the market.RegCure Pro features a simple, interactive and intuitive interface that allows easy access to any of the various tools on the registry cleaner. As a software suite, RegCure PC Optimizer is loaded with utilities to scan and clean your registry, identify and remove malware and enhance the performance of your PC.
RegCure PC Optimizer RegCure PC Optimizer
RegCure PC Optimizer Key Features
RegCure pro is the king of finding system errors and removing them. A Windows registry contains the settings, registration data, file associations, shared DLLs and a host of other important bits of information. With all of that stored data, it’s easy to see how registries become corrupted so easily. RegCure Pro scans the registry and identifies these system errors. It then removes bad information, restores defaults when necessary and streamlines the entire database.


One of the most harmful agents in the computer world is malware. Malware installed on your computer could be doing anything from stealing your processing power, keeping track of your financial information or just observing and recording what you do all day. RegCure Pro has an up-to-date list of malware, viruses, trojans and other harmful software. It locates and removes these harmful programs, leaving you safer and your computer running faster. Don’t be the latest identity theft victim because you didn’t get a registry cleaner.

  RegCure PC Optimizer RegCure streamlines any of your performance issues. Throughout the installation of programs on your PC, more and more operations will be running in the background. Maybe this is a quick-launch tool to decrease the load time of a certain program. Maybe it’s an auto-update utility set to run at start-up. RegCure Pro identifies all the power-hogging processes set to run on your computer, and removes or disables them. It’s simple to return your computer to its optimal operating speed.


Privacy protection is a massive advantage with RegCure PC Optimizer. Your computer stores a wealth of personal information as you visit sites and enter information. Websites save your username and password for faster log-in. Using online banking may store your financial information somewhere on your machine, including your account and pin number. Your contact information may be readily available in an address book. RegCure Pro knows this information might be used against you by a malware infection. You have the option to clear out all of this information so it can’t be stolen.


RegCure offers total cleaning and junk removal services as well. It’s not hard for junk files to build up on your computer as you use it. Temporary Internet files, cached pages, data for uninstalled programs and a host of other bits of useless data all clog up your hard drive. RegCure Pro removes this useless data, freeing up space and giving your computer more power to perform the tasks that you want.


Useful Utilities
RegCure Pro includes a number of useful utilities to help speed up your computer and smooth out the errors that cause malfunctions. You can optimize the performance of your hard drive by defragmenting it. You can control the processes that start on boot, letting you boot up faster. You can disable the ActiveX controls and browser helpers that delay your browser starting. You can associate file types with the programs needed to run them, or locate those programs if you don’t have them already. You can end the unnecessary processes that slow down your machine. Once everything is clean and clear, you can establish a restore point so if something goes wrong, you have a stable foundation to return to.
RegCure PC Optimizer

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