Registry Cleaners—Silencing the Critics

Believe it or not, there are critics out there that still argue not only are registry cleaners not worth the investment, but that they actually do more harm than good. Most troubleshooting experts recommend using a registry cleaner to improve the PC’s overall performance. But let’s look at some of the naysayer claims and see how much water they hold:

Myth 1—registry cleaners don’t fix invalid registry entries. When using a Windows operating system, invalid entries get left behind after you install and then uninstall applications or software. Registry cleaners find and clean up invalid entries. When invalid entries are removed, the speed of your computer is drastically increased.

Myth 2—registry cleaners don’t correct disk fragmentation. When Windows has to retrieve different file parts from multiple locations and piece them back together while loading the RAM, your computer slows down due to fragmentation. Registry cleaners can fix fragmentation issues and thus boost the performance of your PC.

Myth 3—bad registry entries don’t happen that often. Not only do they happen on a regular basis, but they severely hamper the performance of your computer. Whether your registry is corrupted from installing bad software or general use, a registry cleaner will fix the problem.

The bottom line is not only are registry cleaners a crucial part of the routine maintenance of your computer, but they are great way to find deleted files, increase your speed, protect yourself against viruses, and correct broken links and entries.

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