Registry damage and what you can do about it

A Windows registry is a massive and complex database, so much so that manually cleaning, deleting, and maintaining the registry can be nearly impossible.

Over time, within the registry’s database, entries become invalid, file references go missing, links get broken, and keys have incorrect associations. Add malware to that equation and you could be dealing with a complete system crash or the inability to reboot.

The good news concerning a corrupted or infected Windows registry is that you can repair most of the damage. With any one of the recommended registry cleaners found at, saving your computer’s speed and performance is just a download away.

Free registry cleaners are often poorly-designed programs that don’t have the ability to make distinctions concerning the severity of the errors, nor do free registry cleaners have the consistency to determine which keys are invalid and redundant.

Although registry cleaners don’t repair registry hives, through scheduled cleanings, a recommended registry cleaner will increase your speed, eliminate malware, protect against attacks, and increase startup time.

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