Registry Mechanic
Registry Mechanic
With Registry Mechanic you can safely clean, repair and optimize your Windows® registry with just a few simple clicks of your mouse!
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Registry Mechanic
In the past, cleaning up your computer meant taking it to a PC shop and having a trained technician work on it for hours or even days. If you wanted to do it yourself, you needed to learn about registry keys, temporary cache files and all sorts of technical details. Now, you can simply use Registry Mechanic and speed up your computer in minutes.

Trust and Privacy
Registry Mechanic is one of the best registry cleaning software suites we’ve reviewed. Backed with over thirteen years of experience in registry cleaning, with positive reviews from PC Magazine and other sources, it does everything you need it to quickly and easily. The way you use your computer is your business, and Registry Mechanic helps keep your data safe and private while your computer runs as smoothly as possible.

What does Registry Mechanic do?
In a nutshell, Registry Mechanic ‘cleans up’ your PC. It searches for cached files, temporary Internet files and other lumps of unnecessary data and clears them out. It also comes with an uninstall tool to help you identify the programs on your PC and remove them if you want them gone. It speeds up your browser by removing cookies and clearing your browser history. 

Privacy Safeguards. Registry Mechanic safeguards your privacy. Your browser history is just one of the places private data is stored on your computer. This program clears your saved usernames and passwords, stored financial information and anything else your computer is saving that you don’t want public. It even clears the lists of recently opened files and recently used programs.


Optimize Memory. Registry Mechanic frees up space on your computer’s hardware so you can store more data. It helps you get more space by removing old programs you no longer need. It frees up space by deleting cached files and cookies. It optimizes your hard disk with defragmentation features. All of this frees up space you can use for more photos, songs, videos and other files that you need.


PC Speed. Registry Mechanic speeds up your PC. It analyzes your registry to search for errors, contradictory keys and other bad information. It can fix all of these errors and restore good data with the press of a button. Every optimization speeds up your computer that much more.


The ‘Shred File’ Feature. Registry Mechanic ensures when you want something deleted, it’s gone for good. With the shred file feature, when you delete a file it doesn’t sit recoverable in your recycle bin. The program writes and rewrites data over the old file, completely removing it from the hard drive. With the bleach disks feature, all the free space on your hard drive is wiped clean of residual data. Nothing you’ve previously deleted will be recoverable — for when you absolutely need your drive wiped.


Registry Mechanic is one of the most trusted tools in PC optimization. All of these utilities are available with the click of a button for simple use. If you want more advanced controls, they are available as well, allowing you do customize exactly what features and optimizations you want to use. Tweak Windows settings, fix the registry, clear useless files and bleach your disks all through a simple and easy interface.

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