Registry Overview
What is a Windows registry?

    All of the applications, programs, configurations and settings for the hardware that run your computer are contained in the large database called a registry. All values and keys become embedded in a computer when you install a new program, causing the registry to constantly refigure and align.

Do I need to clean and maintain my registry?

    Yes, without regular checkups your Windows registry is very susceptible to errors, which leads to all types of application and system malfunctions, as well as leaving your computer vulnerable to spyware, viruses, and information theft.

How often should I clean my registry?

      As long as you are computing, the registry is growing. By design, the registry will not shrink its size or delete unwanted material by itself, eventually making your system perform at an overall slower speed. For the most part, it is not necessary to complete a registry scan every day, but here are some guidelines as to when to clean out your registry:


      Every couple of weeks, but not exceeding a month, routine scanning and cleaning of your registry should be done to ensure the normal and healthy operation of your computer. Different cleaners offer scheduled checkup times, which allows you to set the duration and interval of a registry cleaning.


  • When your computer is running slow or lagging. A registry could be experiencing errors from an improperly uninstalled application, malware, or from a virus. Errors dramatically slow down the performance of your machine, so running a registry scan can get your computer back to running fast.


  • If you experience reoccurring freezing, jamming or blue screens on your computer.


  • When you continually receive system errors.


  • If you install or uninstall programs frequently, a registry cleaner will help fill holes and add protection.


How do I clean and maintain my registry?

    One of the many benefits of using the recommended software from Registry Cleaners is that the work is done for you. Registry cleaning may sound difficult, but after the software is downloaded, much like having a maid, the cleaning is completed for you. Regular checkups can be set up and the program works, no matter what you’re doing, to ensure the speed and safety of your computer.