SpeedyPC Pro
SpeedyPC Pro
By using its complete toolbox and useful utilities to scan, identify and destroy errors, SpeedyPC Pro actively works to restore your computer to its original performance. Clean, optimize and repair your PC and Windows registry with one simple click.
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Speedy Utilities
SpeedyPC Pro has a complete toolbox of useful operations that seek and destroy errors on your computer. It cleans the Window’s system registry from top to bottom. SpeedyPC Pro shuts down unnecessary processes and hunts down and removes malware. Speedy optimizes your web browser and it can even set up a restore point in case something goes wrong. What other features are offered from SpeedyPC?
Malware Cleaning
Dangerous malware can come in all shapes and sizes. Some malware is intended to steal your personal information, accomplished by reading your data or logging your keyboard input. This gives the hacker the ability to steal your passwords and access your personal information. Other malware programs want to siphon off processing power for use in DDOS attacks or other “botnet” activities. Simple malware can infect you with advertisements and try to get you to buy their software to remove them (AdWare). SpeedyPC Pro scans your computer for any active malware and eliminates the harmful material from your system.


System Errors and Registry Corruption
Errors in the registry can lead to programs not working like they were programmed to do. Some functions might not even work at all. The issues start with file associations that can be misaligned and saved information can be lost as programs can constantly crash. Your computer can become nearly useless, even with minor errors. Major errors cause extreme hits to functionality. SpeedyPC Pro scans for shared DLLs, activeX errors, shell extensions, bad application paths, start-up processes and all of the other problem areas. It repairs errors, restores healthy information and removes dead data, all with a simple click.
Resource Management
Processes can continually run, and some overlap during startup, impeding your speed and performance. The more processes that start at boot, the more boot time it takes. Because so many things are running all the same time, a lower overall performance is the result. SpeedyPC Pro looks closely at the programs assigned to start and run all the time. It lets you select which programs to allow, keep and which to remove. By controlling your processes, your boot time is sped up as well as your regular computer operation.


Privacy Protection
Your computer is designed to store a wealth of personal information so if can accomplish tasks more efficiently. When you enter your name, address, phone number, bank information or other personal data on a registration form, your computer will store the info to be used at a later date. When you tell it to save names and passwords for websites, to makes it easier to sign in, that information is stored as well. To protect your privacy and investments, SpeedyPC Pro can easily clear out all of your personal information. Malware can’t steal valuable data if it isn’t there to be stolen.


Clean and Optimize your Hard Drive
Browsing the Internet causes cached pages and files to fill up your “temporary Internet files” folder. Unless you routinely monitor and clear these, over time your browser will be forced to work harder to read all of the relevant data. SpeedyPC Pro helps clean out these and other repositories housing useless data on your computer. SpeedyPC will also increase your browsing speed by removing unwanted add-ons and extensions.
When all of the unnecessary data is removed by SpeedyPC, your hard drive can develop gaps in the saved data that it stores. It is similar to a tile floor with a few tiles removed. To make the data layout smoother and easier to access, SpeedyPC Pro allows you to defragment your hard drive with a few simple clicks. This process fills the gaps with data you want to keep, making it all easier for the drive to access the information.
Every Windows computer contains a database full of file associations, program registrations, installation information, user settings and other applications. This is the Registry, and prolonged use of a computer can slowly cause the registry to become full with unnecessary data, contradictory information or corrupted entries. A top rated program like SpeedyPC Pro has all the utilities you need to clean your machine, improve performance, and return the speed back to your computer.

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