The history of malware and its effects on free registry cleaners

With every great computer use, there seems to be an equal opportunity for misuse. Almost all computer users have encountered some form of disruptive programming, often in the form of a virus or malware.

Malware (malicious software) has found a new home, inside of free registry cleaner programs, where users looking to quickly and cheaply increase their PC’s speed and performance, have instead been bombed by a computer contaminant.

The first signs of malware appeared around 1962, when a researcher for Bell Telephone invented a software destroying game. In ’71, the Creeper Virus was unleashed on ARPANET. Three years later the infamous Rabbit virus began crashing computers. In the 80s, it was the Elk Cloner virus, which lead to the coining of the term, “computer virus.” In ’86, the whole world was affected by the Brain virus, and a year later viruses had the capability to destroy data. Finally, in ’89 IBM released a scanning tool to fight malware.

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