Top 9 Reasons To Use A Registry Cleaner

  1. Find and eliminate invalid entries: A registry scan can find the entries on your computer that are no longer in use or necessary. Removing the invalid entries can help speed up your PC.
  2. Eradicate missing file references: Base files hold the reference file pathways and overtime paths cannot be read or the reference files can’t be located via the route specified in the header. Taking the missing file references out can improve PC performance and speed by making sure all of the pathways line up, are open and clear.
  3. Eliminate broken links: Various factors contribute to a broken link, but usually it is a result of the website that is involved in the link not existing anymore. A registry cleaner can find the faulty links so the PC doesn’t get slowed trying to access things that aren’t there anymore.
  4. Correct invalid registry keys: Similar to folders, registry keys are basically container objects of stored data. When the keys are incorrect or invalid, the PC still tries to operate and use these wrong keys, slowing down and limiting the functionality of your computer.
  5. Dispose of redundant registry keys: When PCs have the same registry keys, the computer itself attempts to repeat similar processes, decreasing speed and output.
  6. Delete empty registry keys: When a software program creates a folder but then either doesn’t fill it or if it has been uninstalled but the folder is still there, empty registry keys are the result. With a registry cleaner, empty registry keys can be found and removed.
  7. Check for invalid shared DLLs: The Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is an external repository which most software programs need in order to function. When DLLs become invalid, the programs themselves can stop running, thus impeding the operating power and function of the PC.
  8. Speed up the computer’s start up time: The boot up time can be drastically slowed on a Windows computer if the PC is not properly maintained to ensure the proper pathways are established.
  9. Protect you computer from possible system crashes: With Malware and viruses, along with broken links and missing files, without a registry cleaner to routinely scan and optimize your PC, your computer will be at risk.